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     If you get a strange pop-up on your computer alerting you that your system is infected and that you must call "this number" immediately - DON'T DO IT. We have had several customers be a victim lately because they called the number and were told that their system was infected and that they needed to remotely access their computer to clean and repair it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT let someone have remote access to your computer unless you know EXACTLY who it is. These customers are now either out their money (because their was nothing to repair, because it was all a SCAM) or are dealing with infected computers because of viruses that were placed on their computer by the remote source and now could potentially be a victim of identity theft (because who knows what kind of files they stole from their computer).
     The second kind of pop-up is a "Fake Online Virus". This looks very similar and states that your system in infected. They typically tell you do download the software to remove. DON'T click on ANYTHING. Simply shut your computer down by hitting the power button. By clicking on the X on the pop-up window - you are installing the virus - not closing the window. The X "IS" the install button - because the virus/spyware creators KNOW that you will try to close it. That's how they get you. Your antivirus program will NOT protect you from this because you are manually installing the virus......

1) Know your antivirus program and keep it up-to-date. Check to see that scans are being done regularly.
2) When in doubt and something stranges shows up on your computer - just shut it off. Don't click on anything.
3) Be cautious of what you are doing. Don't click on things that seem strange.

Starting Speeds up to 5 Mbps
for Residential accounts and Only $49.95/month
Upgrade Specials available
to all current
Wireless Customers.
Call our office to schedule your appointment!
50% Discount on Setup for all Current Rebeltec Wireless Customers!

    Rebeltec Communications LLC is a locally owned and operated business based in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. Our primary service is High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet, although we now offer many other services as well. Rebeltec was proudly started in 2000 as the very first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Cheyenne County. We base our company practices on honesty and integrity. Thanks to all our loyal customers we have been able to offer more services and provide coverage to more communities.

NEVER-NEVER-NEVER-NEVER give out your Passwords....especially in an E-mail!
Many of you have gotten "Phishing E-mails" that look like they are coming from our staff at Rebeltec asking you for your personal information including your username/e-mail address and password.
      These are "phishing" e-mails. When you reply to them they are most likely going to an address overseas where that person now has your login information and then has the ability to get into your account and look at any important info that might have in there. In addition to that, a LOT of people use their same e-mail login and password combination for multiple retail sites...If there is an e-mail in there from your bank or Ebay or any retail store...they are going to try to log into your account with them and do who-knows-what. Not only do they now have access to your account, one of the main purposes is to SPAM out of your account and send out hundreds of thousands of SPAM e-mails through our mail servers and get our servers blacklisted. When a server is blacklisted, they are then unable to deliver mail to multiple servers around the world. Typically the most popular like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.will stop accepting mail from the Blacklisted server.
      If the e-mail sounds too good to be true (you are the winner of a lottery, your long lost cousin left you his fortune, etc.) or makes you wonder about it's credibility?????...CALL US FIRST.

Updating our E-mail List:
In an attempt to keep our customers contact information up to date, we are asking everyone to please provide us with your current e-mail address (@rebeltec.net or other). Please click here for more info.

     Rebeltec is an authorized Dealer for Wilson Electronic, Inc. Give us a call or stop by if you are in the market for a cell phone amp. Works with almost any cell phone and provider. Have the confidence that you'll have service when you need it!
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