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No need for a telephone line with our Wireless Service!

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet has the furthest range of all internet services with the exception of Satelite Internet.

      Rebeltec High Speed Internet Access is not only fast, it's reliable and affordable! Our 5G Wireless Network has speeds starting at only $49.95/month* for our 5/5 Mbps package. (*Higher Speeds are available. Pricing is for Residental accounts, call for Commercial pricing.)

If you are only needing a basic connection for low data applications such as remote monitoring/alerting, e-mail, basic web browsing, etc. our Basic Standard Wireless Service may work for you with minimal speeds of up to 1/1Mbps for only $35.95/month. (Please note that this package is NOT recommended for streaming services, online gaming, and accounts that have multiple internet devices.)
      Give us a call to discuss your Internet Service needs. We look forward to having you as a Rebeltec customer.
Available in select areas. Call for details and pricing.

Requirements for Service
     There are a few requirements that must be met in order to be able to have our Wireless Broadband service. The first is that you must be within the distance range of the closest access point (location with our equipment). We prefer to keep the distance under a 12 mile radius to ensure a strong wireless signal. Second, a direct line of site to the access point. There cannot be any objects such as structures, trees, hills, etc. between your location and the access point. Obstructions can cause you to lose your wireless signal. ALL new/potential accounts will have a Site Survey done at the time of installation to ensure quality of service.
Coverage Area
Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, Wild Horse, Arapahoe, Brandon,
Tallman Hill, Burlington, Stratton, Vona (outside of town),
Seibert, Bethune, Genoa, Hugo, Flagler, Arriba, and
Weskan and Sharon Springs, KS.
Now Also Servicing:  Lamar, Wiley, McClave, Hasty, Las Animas, Hartman, Holly, Granada, Springfield, Two Buttes,
Vilas, Bristol, & Walsh
      Includes antenna/radio (outdoor "modem"), cable, connectors, and a POE (Power Over Ethernet  - which provides power to outside equipment). Networking equipment such as routers, hubs, switches, adapters, etc. are not included in the setup equipment. They must be purchased separately, if needed.

      Rebeltec warranties all customers equipment during their time of service. Rebeltec will replace/repair it and customer is only responsible for $35 onsite charge.
Broadband Setup/Install $99
      You can get started for only $99 (including professional installation). All new setups require a 12-month committment contract (which must be paid out if service is disconnected prior to contract fulfillment).
Call for Commercial Pricing.
Our wireless broadband packages have
unlimited data usage.
No telephone line necessary for Rebeltec's
Wireless Broadband!